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About Me

Hi There! I’m Carlos

Carlos Battistelli is an experienced Digital Artist whose profound and introspective nature is reflected in his work. The artist leads spectators into a magical realm of his own imaginings, where exquisite entities of light and energy inhabiting the darkest reaches of the universe manifest themselves in swirls of color and movement. As if from the perspective of a microscope or a telescope, a world of wonder is unveiled, replete with organic creations whose life force is undeniably powerful.

He is an art professional, who for over twenty years created and developed visual and graphic concepts for several television networks and programs in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Spain and USA. At present, he is the Artistic Director of IUPI, LLC Battistelli who was born in Argentina currently lives in Miami, where he is preparing a upcoming exhibit of his work.

Say Hello

If you have any questions or comments about my work feel free to write me, in a short time I will answer, thank you very much.